"Although I knew I wanted our new décor to be warm and cozy while still being modern, I didn't know where to start until I met Emmanuelle. She showed tremendous enthusiasm and articulated her ideas in such a way that I immediately felt they would lead us to where I wanted to go. We were able to stay within a limited budget as she incorporated several pieces I already had and added to them to make it work as a whole. 

She suggested and supported me in making some bold color choices while having them fit perfectly with my personality. Her enthusiasm and decorative feel made the whole process a lot of fun. She'll definitely be part of my next project!"

Kelly Van Nieuland

"We asked Emmanuelle for color advice before redecorating our living room. She supported our initial choice which gave us the confidence to go through with it, and provided us with wonderful ideas on how to make even more out of the room. She had great tips to make the curtains work wonders!"

Kathleen Laureys

"I moved to Switzerland from the United States and needed to furnish our home here. I purchased furniture and many home accessories on my own, but wanted ideas and a second opinion to make my home feel finished and complete. Although my style is more modern, I was very pleased with her input and advice as to wall hangings, rugs, curtains, furniture and decor placement, etc. specific to my home. Very helpful & just what I was looking for!"

Becky Jesperson

"Emmanuelle came over to my chaotic apartment and we discussed topics I had in mind, in particular lighting solutions and options, curtain color, type and length suggestions, and future bathroom layout ideas. It was a real free flowing of ideas back and forth and she was always willing to listen and give advice for the current situation and ideas for the future as well. She has a family of her own, so she completely 'gets' how life is like sometimes. After one hour with Emmanuelle, I was full of ideas, inspiration and motivation to make my apartment more of a home."

Lindsay Grisdale

"Emmanuelle offers thoughtful and professional designs tailored to your personal taste and budget. I highly recommend working with Emmanuelle, especially when moving into a new space."

Jessica Beeckman