To help newly relocated expat families feel at home

Moving to another country is a big deal, whether it’s your first move or your most recent one. Making sure your temporary residence really feels like home is an important part of the transition. We can create a warm home from scratch, reflecting your personality and vision, or we can make everything you brought from home work to its fullest potential in your new residence.


To make a temporary residence feel more permanent

Plans change and sometimes you wind up staying far longer than you initially planned. By adding on to existing décor or changing out a few elements, we can create a new and more complete feel to any space. The goal is always to make your space your own, making it your home.


To reenergise existing décor or start fresh

Sometimes you’re just ready for something new. We can reenergize existing décor, by rearranging, adding a little bit on, or building something new around a couple core pieces. Or we can start fresh and create a beautiful space from scratch.



Anything we do, we do together

We start out by talking about where you would like to go with your project, how big of a change you envision, what budget you would like to spend, and to what extent you would like to use my services.


I offer advice; we talk over ideas after which you take it away.

Should you be looking for a more complete service, I will present a design for your approval and set up a shopping list. Or you might prefer for me to fully execute the project: after you approve the design, I do the shopping and set up the décor.

Anything is possible, it’s about you, your home and your vision.